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September 21, 2021
Three women entrepreneurs lead Doraville Chamber of Commerce Formation

Board of Directors.jpg

August 10, 2022
Doraville Difference Maker - Doraville Chamber of Commerce Founders

Mayor Geierman awarded Danielle C. Brown Dowell, Tammie Bailey-Fults, and Michele Palmer this month's Doraville Difference Maker Award for their work in creating the Doraville Chamber of Commerce.
In issuing the award Mayor Geierman reflected on the importance of this work saying "our community needed this for a while but needed the right set of women to step up and start catalyzing and encouraging businesses to actually participate."
Speaking about their achievement the women reflected on the importance of timing and vision in accomplishing something like this as well as and their continuing dedication to the Doraville community.
You can watch the full award ceremony and hear more from these women and from Mayor Geierman here.

DD Award - Chamber of Commerce 1.jpg
DD Award - Chamber of Commerce.jpg
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