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Ribbon Cutting

The Doraville Chamber of Commerce provides complimentary ribbon cutting for its members. Hosting a ribbon cutting gives you the opportunity to introduce your business and location to the public and other Chamber members. Ceremony assistance is provided for:

  • Grand openings at a new location

  • Grand re-openings after a remodel or expansion

  • Milestone anniversaries (years 5, 10, 20, 25…)

  • Groundbreaking ceremonies

Additional benefits of a ribbon cutting include:

  • Generating buzz on social media

  • Generating news stories about your business

  • Establishing a customer base

  • Creating referrals, leads, and sales from attendees

The Doraville Chamber of Commerce provides the following services free of charge to members:

  • Make recommendations for Run of Show (how your event will flow from arrival to cutting the ribbon)

  • Announce your event on our website and social media

  • Invite local city and elected officials

  • Invite members of the Chamber of Commerce

  • Arrival of Chamber Ambassador 30 minutes prior to your event

  • Provide the ribbon and lend the BIG SCISSORS

  • Attendance and short remarks from at least one member of the Chamber’s Executive Committee

  • Publish a photo of your event on our website and social media.


  • Start compiling your guest list with addresses/emails as soon as possible. People to consider might include your business partners, investors, financier, contractors, employees, customers, friends, and family

  • Plan your event at least 3 weeks in advance

  • Schedule your event mid-week at 8:30am or 5pm to generate the best attendance from Chamber supporters, local dignitaries, and media.

  • Consider time of day with the best lighting for photography and comfort of guests

  • Mail your invitations at least 2 weeks in advance

  • Plan your remarks or speech

  • Plan your Run of Show

  • Be “show ready” at least 15 minutes before your event for early arrivals

  • Consider parking and flow of traffic 

  • Plan who will greet guests upon arrival

  • Consider the flow of people as they arrive and where they wait for ceremony to begin

  • Plan placement of refreshments and at what time will they be dispersed

  • Determine where and what time will speeches begin, who is in the lineup, and how long for each speaker

  • Plan the placement of ribbon

  • Consider who will be behind the ribbon and who will cut the ribbon

  • Plan photo opportunities

  • Determine placement of a table with your brochures and business cards

Additional investments to consider:

  • Conduct a PR campaign to increase attendance and awareness

  • Give out a small take-home gift with your logo so guests remember the event and your business

  • Offer refreshments that coincide with the season and time of day

  • Hold a prize drawing or provide a special offer or coupon to all attendees

  • Hire a photographer and videographer to capture moments so you can focus on the event

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